MBPA Education Forum Series 9

Minnesota’s New Energy Code: MBPA Energy Forum 9.1 from MN Building Performance Assn on Vimeo.

The Minnesota Building Performance Association presents two forums to help building professionals gain in-depth understanding of the new energy code. The first forum, presented by Ross Anderson of Cocoon Home Performance Solutions in the Fall of 2014, is an overview of Minnesota’s new energy code requirements and the challenges they will bring. This session reviews the new insulation and air tightness requirements and different ways they can be achieved. It also includes testing requirements of the code and discussion of protocols that can be followed to assure accurate results.

Minnesota’s New Energy Code Pt. 2, Ventilation Requirements: MBPA Energy Forum 9.2 from MN Building Performance Assn on Vimeo.

Here’s the 2nd forum about Minnesota’s updated energy code, featuring Tim Manz, Senior Building Inspector in the City of Blaine.
Tim covers ventilation, duct tightness requirements and other code references. He addresses the challenges with non-heat recovery balanced ventilation, airflow measurement, and ductwork outside the thermal envelope. Other topics include duct sealing and insulation, restrictions on building cavities as ductwork and equipment requirements.

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