How is Your Home a System?

Your house is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s a complex system of interactive components where changes to one will affect the others. When they all perform in harmony you enjoy a healthy, safe and comfortable home.

Specifically, this system involves:

  • The “building envelope” – exterior foundation, walls, roof, windows and doors.
  • The mechanical equipment – heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Other factors – structure, plumbing, appliances, lighting, landscaping, and even your family’s lifestyle.

The Evolution of Building Science

In the mid-1970’s homebuilders and renovators began using tighter construction, more insulation, air/vapor barriers and energy efficient windows. While these were great improvements, other aspects of the home system suffered. (See our article: Unintended Consequences of Air Sealing and Insulation) As a result, the industry gained better understanding of air, heat and moisture movement in a home, and realized the need to manage the indoor environment in a deliberate and systematic way.

Step 1 for Repairing or Remodeling Your Home

When it’s time for repairs or remodeling your smart first step is getting an Energy Audit or Home Performance assessment by a qualified contractor. The resulting plan will address the whole system, making your home more safe and comfortable. Better yet, it can save you money and frustration down the road!

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