What to do first?
Hot rooms, cold feet and water stains, oh my! Rodents, energy bills and ice dams – double oh my! Can’t get to the bottom of your home’s problems because they seem too complicated, costly, confusing, and time consuming? Instead of ignoring them, hire a Certified Energy Professional to conduct an energy audit. This will enable you to spend money and time on the right solutions and put your worries behind.

What’s the Real Problem?

If you don’t know what’s really causing the problem how do you know how to fix it?Let’s say your family room is uncomfortably cold in the winter while your bedrooms are miserably hot in the summer. You may focus on obvious culprits such as the furnace/air conditioner or insulation. Yes, they could be the problem. However it might be ductwork that is too small or leaky. Or your home may have too many air leaks to the outside. Perhaps your problems are not comfort-related. Your energy bills are too high? Rodents or bugs are sharing your home? Your ceilings are stained – do you need a new roof? Is the only solution for water and frost on windows to install new windows? Will added insulation solve ice dams? If you make an uninformed decision, you can easily spend money and time on the wrong solution!

Solving the Problem

An Energy Pro has the knowledge and experience to find the right solutions before you lose that precious time and money. He or she will run a variety of tests to identify the problem. They may include:

Blower Door Test – discovers the extent of a home’s air leaks
Infrared Thermal Imaging – locates air leaks, insulation problems, pest entries, and some water issues
Flow Meter Test – Measures airflow in ductwork, or the efficiency of bath and kitchen fans
Duct Blaster Test – further diagnoses ductwork problems
Combustion Spillage Test – determines if dangerous carbon monoxide or other gases are flowing into the home from furnaces (natural gas, propane or wood burning), boilers, water heaters, clothes dryers or fireplaces.
Important Note: If you are remodeling, the changes can cause various home systems to operate differently. It’s important to test for toxic gases both before and after the project since many are unseen and odor free.

When testing is completed the Energy Pro will create a “scope of work” that defines priorities and next steps. He or she can also help find rebates, tax incentives and energy-related financing. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently hire professionals to fix your home’s problems – and save some money in the process!

Next steps

1. Contact a Certified Energy Professional

2. Hire the appropriate professional(s) recommended in the Scope of Work

3. Have your home retested after remodeling and improvements

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