Comfort Issues?
Many years ago in Minnesota people lived in teepees, log houses or sod huts that were too hot or cold, too humid or dry and always drafty. Today we expect much more from our homes. However, a modern home is a complex interactive system and comfort issues can’t always be fixed with the push of a button. It’s very important to first identify the source of the problem.

What’s the Real Problem?

Several home components can interact to adversely affect your home’s comfort level:

Foundation, walls and roof – Air leaks created during construction cause drafts and lessen effectiveness of insulation.
Insulation – Problems occur when there’s not enough, it’s the wrong type or is installed poorly.
Windows – Poor design and installation, as well as high quantity will increase comfort problems.
Heating & Cooling (HVAC) – Homes built prior to the computer age may have over or undersized equipment and ductwork. Ducts may also leak air before it gets to the desired room. Today computer software make HVAC calculations much more precise and effective.
Humidity – Desired level varies by season, but is affected by poor ventilation in the kitchen/bathrooms, plumbing leaks, outside moisture leaking in, air leaks in walls/attic and around windows, and insulation levels.
Exterior – Placement of overhangs and shade trees affects the interior temperatures.

Solving the Problem

It’s clear that solving comfort problems in your home is complicated. If you’re not certain of the causes, work with a Certified Energy Professional. She will use science and testing to get at the root of the problems, then provide you with a prioritized ‘Scope of Work’ to solve them. Your time and money is precious. Spend them on the correct solution

Next steps

1. Learn more about Certified Energy Professionals

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3. Hire the appropriate contractor(s) recommended in the Scope of Work

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